Saturday, 18 July 2015

Summer of Color - Week 6

Week 6 colour prompt:
Orange - Orange - Blue

I struggled with this colour combo
but got there in the end.

I used:
Bright Orange Acrylic Paint
Vermillion Hue Acrylic Paint
Iridescent Blue Green Acrylic Paint (it looks turquoise)

I LOVE the quote,

"A girl should be two things - 
WHO and WHAT she wants."


Many many thanks to Kristin for yet again 
running Summer of Color.  It gets bigger and
better every year - you go, girl!!
It's been especially inspirational to watch her
videos showing how she creates her artwork.

Also thank you to all those who have visited and left comments - and apologies if I haven't visited or
 left a comment for you.
I simply haven't had the time to drop by and see you all. 
Those I have managed Ito visit I have loved!

Until next year my fellow Summer of Colorists,
 au revoir!



Valerie said...

Nice journal spread!

Giggles said...

Fabulous powerful piece of art! Love your soc.... that is a perfect quote for all women!

Hugs Giggles

Giggles said...

You should add this to Paint Party Friday too!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

boy, it sure doesn't look like you struggled at all! Your pages are absolutely gorgeous! I love your sentiment, too! And her eyebrows really drew me in! It has been a pleasure following you these past weeks of SOC! Hugs, Sharon

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful journal spread and words of wisdom Jo!

Wanda said...

She looks so real. Your skin ones with the oranges are just lovely. The floral pattern is really nice.

missy k said...

Your struggle doesn't show :)

you've had a great 'innings' for SOC!

Great quote and I love the sweet flowers

btw yes, banana, sultana and date loaf :)

Karen x

Kristin said...

Thank you my friend! xo

Virginia said...

Another fabulous page Jo - amazing!

BJ said...

Lovely, BJ

Carmen said...

Oh what a perfect piece to end on. I am yet to catch up but I will definitely! Love that quote!