Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 29

July Theme - Ephemera
Week 29 Art Challenge - Photographs and Memories
Week 29 Journal Prompt - "All that I have to remember you" ~ Jim Croce

My pages are a tribute to sweet Rosie Mae,
who passed away last year.
She was much loved by us all and is very missed.

All that I have to remember her by,
apart from photographs, is her collar.
It brings back so many happy memories.

Some of her hair is caught in the buckle.
How precious are those few hairs!

Her last photo - 
enjoying the sunshine in the garden,
wearing her collar.

Her name tag - she was here, she was important.
This is so important for a little girl destined to be
euthanized before she was plucked to safety by the
local animal rescue centre.

Rosie Mae was my special friend.
I loved watching her out on her run, 
so happy in the fields.

Yes, she really did leave her paw print on my heart!

Thank you for looking.



polydactyl said...

Your touching and lovely memorial to your dear friend made me cry because I understand...I have had to say goodbye to too many close and special animal friends. I appreciate you sharing your tribute.


Jewels said...

That is a really lovely tribute Jo.

BadPenny said...

So touching. Love the close up of her sweet face.
I still have Sam's collar. I can remember walking home from the vets with collar, lead but no Sam. We had Dillon who kept me very busy & Sam was so very old but very sad to let him go.

Lovely tribute to dear Rosie Mae x

Eileen said...

A beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl.
She'll live on in your heart forever xx

Terri Corona said...

People are going to be wondering why I'm crying at work. This was so beautifully and lovingly done, really great job on the large painting of her especially. Your love for her always came through so clearly on your blog, it broke my heart when she died. Fantastic tribute.

missy k said...

These are such sweet pages Jo...... gone but never forgotten ....

Karen x