Sunday, 23 August 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 33

Documented Life Project

August Theme - Faces, the human form and characters
Week 33 Art Challenge - Painted
Week 33 Journal Prompt - How do I face my biggest challenge?

I used legs and feet (the human form) for these pages
and a quote by Marilyn Monroe.

I had a bit of a struggle because the spray inks from the previous pages had bled through and no matter how
many coats of gesso/paint I applied, I could still see the
ink blotches.  So I used modelling paste through a stencil
(diamonds) and when I repainted it was ok - although the
hard and rough diamonds made it a little tricky to write over.

So how do I face my biggest challenge?
Wearing my favourite 'badass' shoes, of course!
(Probably not as badass as the ones shown here!).



Jewels said...

Ha ha Jo - there is a bit of a dispute who that quote comes from - some attribute it to Bette Midler - regardless it is a great spread!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Great job, Jo! I really like what you've done & the quote is bad asset too!

BadPenny said...

I heard that to do a telephone interview we should stand on a table or wear very high heels !

Terri Corona said...

What those aren't your legs?! I thought for sure you were sporting those! If it were me I'd be fine while standing still, just don't ask me to walk. Love the quote, and couldn't agree more!

Missy K said...

Loved these pages so much in real life too....

Great textures and colours...

hmmm think I might need some 'badass' shoes!!!

Karen xxx

Carmen said...

Laughing at what Terri said - I wouldn't even be able to stand still in them :D Gorgeous page and I'm loving how all that gorgeous texture has landed just right on her legs to give her some snazzy tights to go with the shoes!