Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 34

August Theme - Faces, the Human Form and Characters
Week 34 Art Challenge - Layered (using multiple mediums)
Week 34 Journal Prompt - Speak to your younger self, what advice would you offer?

The left hand page background is a packing tape 
transfer through a stencil.
The young girl was supposed to be a packing 
tape transfer too but I put the tape 
on the wrong side of the paper, duh!!



BadPenny said...

This is really lovely Jo x

Missy K said...

I love this Jo.... really special pages

I really enjoyed seeing your pages in 'real life' too :)

Karen xxx

Linda Kunsman said...

great to catch up with you again Jo. Wonderful pages and such perfect advice too!

Virginia said...

Beautiful page Jo, love the sentiments

Terri Corona said...

I love the adult you especially, love how she's balanced on the flower. And advice doesn't get much better than that - if only it were easy advice to practice!

Jewels said...

The ole "duct tape on the wrong side" snafu LOL - from here it looks great!

polydactyl said...

Good advice for any any age and a very nice job on the page. Oh, the things I wish I had known (or believed) when I was younger...

Carmen said...

I love the images you've chosen and that the older you is wearing a similar outfit to younger you. Great advice too.