Sunday, 6 September 2015

Collective Nouns - Mail Art and Postcard Swap

The latest swap from the
We {heart} Mail Art
girls used another great idea from Jewels:

 Collective Nouns.

I decided to make up my own ...

For Lenna I chose... 

'A glare of cats.'

Any cat owner will know how appropriate this is!
Lenna has a sweet kitty called Lightning
(and two lovely dogs too!).

(Cats are connoisseurs of comfort)
I sent her postcard in a feline themed and collaged envelope.

For Jewels, I chose...

'A cuddle of dogs.'

Jewels has a gorgeous little dog called
Mr Darcy (aka Mr D) and he was my inspiration
for the central dog on my card.

(there's no such thing as too many dogs)
I sent the postcard in a canine themed and collaged envelope.

Lenna sent her postcard and Mail Art while she was
enjoying a holiday in Canada.

Her shimmery card was about...
'a muster of peacocks.'

And those little fellas decorated her envelope too :)

Jewels chose to depict...

'A clutch of purses.'

She used vintage dressmaking patterns for the 
wonderful images which she put on a fabulous 
and fun background.  

(envelope front)
Don't you just adore the postage stamps?!

(back of envelope)
Well that was fun!

Our next swap has the theme of

'Lyrics from a song.'



Lenna Young Andrews said...

Awesome post, Jo! Mine was very simple as I was away from home, but I still like it. Thanks for making it look good!! I love what you and jewels did - awesome!!!

Jewels said...

They are all awesome and unique. Will need to post about it myself!

Monica said...

Just love all of them. fun swap.

BadPenny said...

Great fun & great collective nouns. I have a tribe of field mice in my kitchen !

Eileen said...

They're all fabulous. Of course I love the cuddle of dogs, I'll have to remember that collective noun :)

Virginia said...

Oh Jo they are fabulous aren't they - love how different they are!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a great collection of art and Jo I love how you personalized the ones you sent to Jewels and Lenna-so thoughtful!

Terri Corona said...

I always love your themed swaps - these were darling! I especially love the terrier looking dog you created - what a cutie!

Caz said...

Your mail art is amazing! I really would like to send more letters, they are so nice to receive :-)

Missy K said...

I love seeing what you three swap... you must get so excited waiting for your post. Such a colourful variety here.

Karen x