Saturday, 19 September 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 36

Documented Life Project

September Theme - Journaling with Photos
Week 36 Art Challenge - Photo Transfer
Week 36 Journal Prompt - From Here to There

I started these pages the day after we had taken
Top Son Luke to his new digs in Plymouth.
He will soon be starting a 3 year course at the 
Plymouth College of Art to study Film.

It's an exciting time for him.
However, when we left him in his 
new (lovely) room, I could still see Luke as a
4 year old on his first day at school 
- and he's now 21!

I guess he will always be my baby.

Both the image of him on his first day of school
and the one of him taken the day before we took him to
Plymouth are image transfers - they didn't go perfectly, but
I guess that's the nature of the transfer beast!

I've still got a baby 'bird' in my nest (Hope)
but she's going to University next September...



Jewels said...

Love it Jo (and the Kate Bush song) - I think the transfers are awesome :)

Missy K said...

I love how the transfers worked out... I think its lovely to see 4 year old Luke and 21 year old Luke side by side.

More great pages for the DLP :)

I played with the 'gel skins' today (Chelsea v Arsenal!) .... waiting for them to dry... it was good messy fun.

Looking forward to seeing you too on Monday....

Hope the Studio sort out went well ;)

Karen x

BadPenny said...

Lovely idea Jo x

Sandra said...

Everything about this works really well. Very nice job!

Terri Corona said...

I love how this turned out, and seeing that precious first day of school picture makes it so easy to understand how emotional this must be for you. Love the transfers, their charm is their imperfection...

Carmen said...

The way the transfers turned out makes this all the more nostalgic. Like a film doing grainy flashbacks - just how our (or my) memory works :)