Sunday, 27 September 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 37

Documented Life Project

September Theme - Journaling With Photos
Week 37 Art Challenge - Digital Imagery and Design
Week 37 Journal Prompt - What Makes Your Heart Sing?

(The older you get, the more you realise that it isn't about the material things,
 or pride or ego.
It's about our hearts and who they beat for.)
I only had limited time to do these pages
because I'm still clearing the house of clutter
prior to our house move.
It's so time consuming!

For the pages I did a gesso background 
over which I used Neocolor IIs
to match the colours of the digitally altered photo
of my 3 favourite people. 

 I used BeFunky which is a free photo editing website.

I wanted to give the picture a 
bright, light and colourful look
to show how they make my life 
bright, light and colourful :)



Eileen said...

A lovely picture with the perfect sentiment.

BadPenny said...

This is bright & colourful Jo & lovely sentiment x

Kathleen Harrington said...

Thanks for reminding me that we can make our pages quick and easy. I am so far behind on DLP that I have been getting in my own way moving forward. Thanks for sharing your techniques and the free photo editor info. As always, love your work.

Terri Corona said...

So heartfelt, as always. I love how the photo turned out, it fits with their smiling happy faces. I'm impressed that you're doing art at all prior to your move - I took a virtual leave of absence prior to mine!

Linda Kunsman said...

great job on conveying the happy light of your family on your journal page Jo!

Missy K said...

Love what you did here Jo and the sentiment behind it :)

Keep on de-cluttering!

Karen x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I LOVE this, Jo!

Carmen said...

I love where you get your ideas Jo. This is so simple but so clever. Blimey I wish you were n my course, I'd be looking over your shoulder and nicking your ideas!