Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 39

Documented Life Project

September Theme - Journaling with photos
Week 39 Art Challenge - Storyboard
Week 39 Journal Prompt - A Week in the Life

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."
My week was all about being with family and friends,
walking my little dog,
and bagging up donations for the charity shop having
sorted through some clothes and books.
It was also the week of the Blood Red Super Moon.

The pages are quite dark, maybe that's because
I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by the
amount of sorting I still have to do prior to
our move (which now seems to be on hold until
this time next year, but the sorting still has to be done).



BadPenny said...

I've put grey clothes on today for the first time & stripey tees packed ) I love your colour scheme.

This time NEXT year ? Oh no ! xx

Terri Corona said...

I hope the delay isn't bad news - at least you have plenty of time to do all that sorting - it's so easy to get overwhelmed by it all when you've lived somewhere a long time.

Eileen said...

Don't get overwhelmed, do little and often. Downsizing, I've been there and done that and can't believe how much stuff we accumulated. Another year till you can move, oh dear that doesn't sound good.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love what you have been doing for this project Jo, so near & dear to your heart and so connected. You have really made it your own!
Sorting? Downsizing? Just start and do a bit . . . I find when I do that, it keeps calling me back. Last week when I returned from traveling I gathered up 4 bags of clothes & shoes! We are not moving, but I was feeling rather cluttered. I found things buried that I had forgotten about and love (now wearing!). I plan to do some more around the house because it feels so much calmer. My advice is not to think too much about how much you have to do, just pick one place and make yourself start. sending love xoxo

Linda Kunsman said...

I like the feel of your journal spread-it can't always be vibrant and sunny right? Perhaps it's a good thing your move is delayed. that will give you more time to do your sorting etc. and perhaps then it won't feel so overwhelming. Good luck!

Carmen said...

I'm sure the dump and local charity shops were considering a blanket ban on us by the time we'd finished. Looking round now - you wouldn't believe we ever decluttered so much.

Love your pages - the grey suits it.

Missy K said...

I've been sorting out my wardrobe this morning.... it's hard work!

I'll need to get the bags down to the charity shop quickly so I can't change my mind!!!!

Well done with your sorting :)

Karen x