Saturday, 31 October 2015

Skulls, Slippers and Spectre

Happy Halloween!

After a week of having Top Son Luke at home
and doing no arting, I enjoyed having a play in 
the conservatory studio last night.  

I made two skully postcards.

"In the end we are all the same" is my nod
to Halloween.  The background is very cool skull
paper tape which I found in Paperchase this week.
It will have limited use, I guess, but I liked it!

"Life is but a dream for the Dead" is my nod to
The Day of the Dead festivities.  I was really inspired
by the fabulous opening scene of the new James Bond
film, Spectre, which Family Urbani saw last week.

The background is paper tape which was in the
same pack as the skulls.  When I gessoed over it
I was a bit disappointed to find that it scratched 
off really easily, but I just changed my 
original plans and simply scratched out
the patterns.  

We all really enjoyed Spectre.
The opening Day of the Dead procession scene 
is wonderfully over the top, as only done by 007 films!
It has to be said that Daniel Craig is still really rather hot.
James Bond is a load of bunkum, but very entertaining.

Luke has now returned to Uni in Plymouth,
taking with him a suitcase full of clean and ironed clothing,
freshly baked muffins and cakes (for him and his friends)
and a new pair of snuggly slippers (he would never think 
to get himself some winter slippers).
It was great to have him at home, despite the chaos he brings with him.

Peace and order has now returned to the Urbani household.

Have a great weekend!



Missy K said...

Fun postcards Jo....

Lucky Luke being sent back with muffins, cakes, laundry and slippers:)

Happy Halloween :)

Karen x

BadPenny said...

Wonderfully spooky cards Jo x

Jewels said...

Very Awesome Jo!

Eileen said...

I like your spooky postcards! Glad you enjoyed the week with your son and the film.

Terri Corona said...

I love your skull pieces, I have a thing about skulls for some reason, and love Halloween to give me an excuse to display skull decor. We actually got day of the dead masks to wear to hand out candy last night, but the first time Mario wore it and opened the door he about scared a little girl to death, so we figured we'd better re-think that idea! I'm excited to see Spectre, I don't think it's opened here yet. I have enjoyed all the Daniel Craig ones, partly I'm sure because I also REALLY enjoy Daniel Craig!

Mrs Bertimus said...

Love your art postcards.
Hope you had a fab Halloween x

Monica said...

Not sure what paper tape is but the PCs are just great.

going back to college with goodies make visite home very worthwhile and I feel sure they were quickly scoffed down by many friends!