Monday, 2 November 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 43

Documented Life Project

October Theme - Translucent Papers
Week 43 Art Challenge - Glassine
Week 43 Journal Prompt - Windows of My Mind

Ok, so I may or may not be ever so slightly obsessed with
The Day of the Dead sugar skulls at the moment...!

I had a few problems with this week's DLP prompts -
firstly, I have no glassine and don't intend to get some
for this one prompt.  Also, I am pretty much all
tissue paper/vellum'd out, so didn't want to use them
instead.  So I decided to take the prompts quite loosely
and had fun with these pages instead.

The background is wax crayon, over which I painted
black ink.  Once dry, I scratched out the skull 
and lettering to reveal the colours beneath. 

I know, you did this at school, right?

Well, believe me, it's great fun to do as an adult too :)

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body 
rather than a body with a soul."



Eileen said...

Yes I remember doing that at school. You're never too old to be creative, looks good fun.

BadPenny said...

Yes it was very messy ! Love it x

Virginia said...

Fabulous page Jo and yes I do remember doing this at school!

Sandra said...

I love this! You have an amazingly steady hand...everything is so smooth. What kind of ink did you use? Also, I'm not saying that you had to do this, but do you think I could paint over spots that I wasn't happy with and re-scratch it out?

This technique calls to me but my last time was a disaster. Reading your post I just realized why. I used the same thing to cover the color as the color. If I had used ink it would have worked. Perhaps I should have asked my dear friend Google for help before my earlier attempt.

Joanna said...

Hi Sandra, thank you for dropping by! Regarding the ink I used - I read that India ink should be used, but I didn't have any of that so I used what I had - Winsor and Newton black drawing ink. I would imagine that you could re-ink and re-scratch any area you weren't happy with.

The info I used can be found on this link...

They say that you can use black crayon over the coloured crayon but I thought that might be tricky to separate when scratching out the design. Btw I didn't have plain wax crayons, I only had Neocolor IIs, but they seemed to do the job (I activated them with water, allowed them to dry before putting on the ink layer).

I hope this helps!

Sabrina Hoeke said...

You always have such beautiful pieces AND manage wonderful commentary at the same time. Wonderful!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

good for you on playing and having fun . . . you do not have to follow all the rules! I love the wax crayon with the black over, scratched to reveal :o)

Katie said...

Yes!! The scratching away black crayon project is the best!!

Missy K said...

I don't remember doing this at school .... too long ago perhaps ;)

but I do remember art at school being fun.... just like it should be now - so well done for not rushing out to buy glassine (btw is that the stuff you get in envelopes with the little window?) and for not following the rules exactly!

I read the other day 'Don't think outside the box..... think like there is no box' I like that!

Karen x

Linda Kunsman said...

what a brilliant sugar skull and quote, and this technique really makes it all pop!