Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Falling Behind, Autumn and Online Talking Therapy

Well, I've fallen behind with
Fall in Love with Art Journaling.

A couple of the prompts didn't inspire me 
particularly and now I've kinda lost interest.
I'm fickle, me.

These are the last two prompts I did.

happiness is here and now
#4 - Bubbles.

like a bird  free as a bird  free
and #5 - Birds On A Wire.
I used a hand carved birds stamp for this one
and selected words from the
 Leonard Cohen classic.

The weather has been so beautiful recently - 
with all the gorgeous Autumnal colours 
and it's been so mild too.

Missy has enjoyed some lovely (if rather muddy) walks.

This postcard was posted through our
 letter box and gratefully received 
by Missy who waits for the postman everyday.

I'm not sure Online Talking Therapy will sort out
her issues, are you?!



Lenna Young Andrews said...

Well, I love what you have shared Jo, I would never guess you've fallen behind . . . Listen to your heart and do what is right for you!! I think missy looks so grand. You have some beautiful places to walk too! And maybeshe was just a bit miffed at the postcard - who mE?? :)

Suz said...

So funny! This really tickled me! It's been mild too. Your pages are beautiful non the less.

Monica said...

I have fallen behind and rushed some messig them up as fumbling fingers force glue dots in the wrong spot etc. planning to sign up for Wanderlust as i like some of the artists. Writing this in doctors office. He will be pissed at me as i dropped Forteo. Too expensive!


Eileen said...

That made me laugh out loud. Missy looks very stressed indeed :-)

Missy K said...

Great pages Jo.... you really 'do' good bubbles!

I had to smile at Missy.... the one of her rear (!) reminds of those dog hooks in Ikea! Do you know the ones I mean :)

Karen x

Jewels said...

LOL love it - that sure is one long lead!

SusieJ said...

He, he....I never got started on the you're ahead of me....disappointed in the prompts to be honest.
Missy looks the least likely candidate for Talking the Princess on the other hand has "issues"....bicycles, men in baseball

Linda Kunsman said...

LOVE both your journal pages Jo! You're the queen of bubble making:) I agree with Lenna that you just need to go with what's in in your heart at a given time and let go of any other self expectations. We too are enjoying beautiful unseasonably warm weather-not so sure about Missy though...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HI Jo! Love the bubbles, and their advice are words to remember!

I have a feeling that the card may have helped rid Missy of any anxiousness she may have been caused waiting for the postman! :-)