Friday, 27 November 2015

Flood The Streets With Art (Part III)

So it's the dreaded Black Friday, again.
Last year was fairly ghastly, with awful scenes
of violence and greed for 'stuff' such as tv's.
Ugh, it really was quite horrible.
Thankfully, this year it would seem that most the 
battles have been online, with websites crashing.

Last year I took part in 
Scott Wong's Flood The Streets With Art.
This year he's done it again, and so have I!

I made five little mixed media collages.

I kept them simple 
(mainly because I left myself short of time!)

and made use of previously prepared backgrounds
(Gelli prints and painty underpaper) and I 
dragged out some of my trusty vintage 
National Geographic magazines
for picture inspiration.

I popped into Oxted this afternoon and left the
collages by cash machines and benches.
By the time I returned a couple of hours later
they had all gone - maybe into the nearest litter bin,
I'll never know!

It felt good to join in with this art movement
and I plan to do it again next year.
I'm actually looking forward to Good Friday!


Edit: 'Birds' Nests and Dragon's Blood' has
been found and the finder left this message for 
me on the Flood the Streets with Art Facebook Page,
"I'd like to thank Jo Urbani for my free artwork today.
I found it stuck to a bench in Oxted and it made 
my day.  What a lovely act of kindness, thanks

Well that made my day!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HI Jo! I remember this from last year, and thought it was a great idea, and great fun! I've no doubt that your collages are being enjoyed by someone lucky enough to spot them!

Virginia said...

Fab collages jo I'm sure they will be treasured by their finders

BadPenny said...

These are such fun Jo. Love how the images are so sharp against the backgrounds; however do you cut them out ?

I'd have to hide & spy to see who picked the cards up !

Great idea x

Emie58 said...

Love these... I really like vintage images combined with quirky sayings... TFS!!!

Eileen said...

I'm sure they'll be appreciated by their finders.

Jewels said...

So happy one of your recipients took the time to let you know they picked it up and LOVED it (no surprise). Hugs. J

Missy K said...

Fun collages Jo and the image of you depositing them around the town made me smile :)

How lovely that at least one has a new and appreciative admirer! I hope the other ones do too....

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

How fun, to just release your art into the world! Lucky recipients.

I hide out at home with my head under a pillow on Black Friday - it makes me question humanity!