Sunday, 8 November 2015

NaNoJouMo 1-7

Inspired, as always, by my sister-in-law Karen
I'm joining in with NaNoJouMo,
the art journaling challenge organised by

The idea is to commit to do some
art journaling every day throughout November.
The important thing is that this does not have to
be a complete page - it can be a background, 
just a line, a word - anything!
Dawn is giving a daily prompt 
(picture, word, phrase etc)
but you don't have to use them 
if you don't want to.

I am using a tiny notebook 
(page size only 8.5cm x 12.5cm).

I am spending no more than 20 minutes
on each page.

The pages are far from thought through...

and are little more than a knee jerk reaction to the prompt.

It's refreshing to not self-judge the pages and

allow bad lettering!

Having started a couple of days late

I have now caught up.

Thank you, Karen - keep up with the inspiration!



Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am totally in love with your style Jo and what you are doing!!! xoxoxox

Jewels said...

Awesome sauce Jo! 20 mins a day - I am impressed what you get done - and love it is in our favorite Moleskin :)

Monica said...

Unbelievable I joined this group last week and Fauxbonichi. I got them mixed up at first now have it straight. I am using some pages I found in an old Strathmore Mixed media book and had panted several pages. loving it. I am happy you have put a time on yourself mine is 15mins. In the second book I am writing every day with a couple of drawings, since i do not draw it is fun.

Missy K said...

Thanks Jo :)

I love the pages you have done so far.... they have such an honest, open sort of feel to them that I really really like. My favourite is the little jar. It just made me smile.

I've been doing something everyday but it's definitely not adding up to a page a day!....but that's ok, this challenge is making me love journaling all over again!

Glad you are playing along too.... love your sweet little journal :)

Karen x

Missy K said...

ps I just heard about 'Fauxbonichi' and watched a fun little video about it! Maybe next year.... Woody is giving me a 'Lah de da' journal for Christmas (like a Smash Book)

Kx said...

like your work-such great compositions and thoughtful combinations of elements-very very cool.

Sandra said...

These are fun! It is nice to have a month long nonjudgmental project. I love the idea of setting a time limit for each page too.

I've been involved in a lot recently, but based on your post today I know I have to do NaNoJouMo 2015! Thanks so much for posting about it. I have several backgrounds in one of my smaller journals that I think would be great starting points for catch-up. Now to just "do it" without worrying about the outcome. :)

Virginia said...

these are gorgeous Jo - glad you caught up and look forward to seeing the rest of your creations!

BadPenny said...

I LOVE the little jar of hope x