Saturday, 14 November 2015

NaNoJouMo 8 - 14

Well, so far so good with keeping up with

They are very basic art journal pages,

but I've enjoyed doing them.

I look at Dawn's prompt,
and do what immediately comes to mind -

whether or not it makes any sense
because it really doesn't matter!

It's helpful with the pages being so small,
a little goes a long way.

My heart is heavy today 
for the people of Paris
after the dreadful events

Je suis Paris.



Jewels said...

I see many people have expressed their sadness and support for our brothers and sisters in France through art. Well done Jo.

Monica said...

I think this is the right attitude and what i have tried to follow. Alas reading the prompts in doctors waiting rooms screws up my mind. now over.
it is a good way for me to responds and just do. Another group is getting me going daily in a very simple way


Eileen said...

We need love not hate.
RIP to all the innocent people who have been so brutally murdered.

BadPenny said...

what a world we live in, keep on creating wonderful art xx

Kristin said...

Awe, what a beautiful sentiment - and your pages are so different from what I'm used to seeing from you - I'll have to check out that link ;) they are really so cool, and I love that one with the tea bag that says, "If not now" - that's one of the sayings I constantly run in my head - especially when it comes to getting dressed or putting on makeup - if not now, when?! lol. AND YES your house next!! I NEEEEEDDDD an excuse to go to England, lol! That WOULD BE amazing!!! xoxo

Terri Corona said...

Well said - so hearbreaking. And I love your pages - good to have something that keeps you working daily and is fun and not too time-consuming. I really like the grow grow grow one, and especially the Paris one, the way you created the colors and how you found an image looking down like that.

Linda Kunsman said...

Sometimes the simplest pages are perfect- as yours are. I think that can be more difficult than anything. Your Paris page is so heartfelt and touching-thank you.

Missy K said...

More wonderful pages (I am working backwards!!!)

I love the approach you have taken with these :)

Karen x