Sunday, 6 December 2015

Documented Life Project - Week 46

Documented Life Project 

November Theme - Stamps, Stencils and Masks
Week 46 Art Challenge - Hand carved stamp
Week 46 Journal Prompt - Tapestries

I've spent far too long on this one and don't know
where else to take it, so I'm calling it done.

The journal prompt of tapestries got my brain
going off on an ecclesiastical tangent, which took
me to quatrefoils.
Don't ask why.
I just don't know.

Maybe it's because I have been watching, 
and really enjoying, the tv programme,
Which I can only describe as a
 kind of BBC Viking Game of Thrones.

Anyway, I hand carved the smaller quatrefoil 
which was used repeatedly for the background.

I'm a few weeks behind with DLP
so I'd better get a move on!

I have decided not to join in with the
mainly because a large part of it revolves
around planners, which I'm not so 'into'.
It may be 'your thing' and if so you might want to
pop along to the website HERE and have a look
(there is a nominal charge next year, which I totally understand).

I have signed up for Life Book 2016 (hoping to keep up
better than last time, when I failed miserably!),
and I will also be dipping into

I'm also happy to be joining in with
Creative Swap's Lenna's
Lenna hosts the BEST swaps and I'm looking
forward to making my collages and receiving
my 'swaps' in return :)
All the info can be found HERE!

Right, deep joy,
I'm off to tidy up the garage...!!!



Missy K said...

I love your pages and how your hand carved stamp worked.... I really think I would still be scratching my head at those prompts ;) I like how you left them... no text... just pattern.

We're loving The Last Kingdom too.... last episode next week :(

Hope your garage tidying went well!

Karen x

Terri Corona said...

I love the simple forms and depth of color in your page - plus I just love the word quatrefoil!

I haven't seen "The Last Kingdom" but it looks right up my alley, will have to check it out!

Katie said...

Neat page. Sometimes it is just done. :-)