Tuesday, 1 December 2015

NaNoJouMo 23 - 30

Well, NaNoJouMo has come to an 
end and I have really enjoyed it.

Up to 20 minutes of creativity every day.

No over thinking, just doing it!

Working, ever so loosely, from
Dawn's prompts,

I created a page every day in my little
squared paper notebook.

Some were definitely quicker to do
than others!

But none took over 20 minutes
because I just worked with the scraps, 
stamps and paint I had to hand -

one of the benefits of never putting anything away ;)

NaNoJouMo was a great exercise and I plan to join
in again next year.



Monica said...

An incredible accumulations of fine works.

Linda Kunsman said...

Really brilliant pages Jo! It'd be really hard to pic a fave but as we are experiencing foggy, rainy weather (and still more tomorrow) I am loving the sunny yellow page!

Missy K said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jo... it really does look like you had fun :)

Great variety.... I love them all :)

Karen x