Thursday, 3 December 2015

Song Lyrics - Mail Art and Postcard Swap

The latest We {heart} Mail Art swap was 
'Song Lyrics' 
(thank you for the idea, Jewels!).

I thought about it for a long while,
and made several false starts before settling on
'Dancing Queen' by Abba.
(their Greatest Hits album was the first LP I
ever bought, and it was played until it wore out!).
Postcard for Jewels
I used images of dancing girls,
taken from a book about National dances
- I liked that they had tambourines
(feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah!).
I moved their arms and legs about a bit...
Postcard for Lenna
For the Mail Art I used a picture of Abba
and cut out their clothing (so to speak),
allowing the background to become their clothes
(the blurring is where I've removed the address).

Lenna chose a beautiful song by 
Norah Jones, 'Toes'.

She photographed a sweet sea bird,
dipping it's toes in the water...

and then a photograph of her own toes dipped
in the water (love her funky painted toenails!).

The envelope has a wonderful texture, 
and she shares how she achieved this, as well as
how she approached this swap, on her blog.

Jewels chose 'Rockaria' by her favourite band 
Electric Light Orchestra -
what a Rock Chick you are, Jewels!

And look at this Rock Chick -  
she is be-glittered and ready to rock and roll!

I LOVED the image Jewels used for her Opera gal,
that's one supercool outfit 
(now we know where Madonna got her idea from!).
Jewels explains all on her blog.

Another fun swap with my WHMA friends :)

The next one is 
'Use a Substrate You Haven't Used Before....'



Virginia said...

I love to see these swaps Jo - simply beautiful! I'm loving the non existent/existent Abba clothing too!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Wonderful Post, thanks so much JO!

Jewels said...

It was a fab exchange - loved it all

Missy K said...

Great swaps Jo....

Ha ha I had wondered why the postcard was blurred in that actual place... sigh of relief ;)

My 'first' (cassette tape!) was Eagles 'Hotel California' ... I still love Abba too... and I think of Grant every time I hear the Carpenters on Smooth :) Does he still like them ?.... I like them more now than I did then!

Karen x